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CML Pattern Finder is the answer. It takes the guess work and time out of understanding stock charts and screening for traders.

Transform a standard stock chart into a trading plan — instantly.

Leverage the market like a pro, and keep leveraging it.

Stock Charts Don’t Have to Be Complicated

A stock chart represents all of the known information about a company – earnings, rumors, macro economic impacts, inflation, and more. But extracting that information is where trading lives or dies.

That’s why we developed Pattern Finder. We’re putting the power back in your hands.

How it Works

• Pullup a stock chart; click a button; a trading plan is created. That’s how it works. Check out the first of two quick videos:

• Stock charting and technical analysis, coupled with fundamental, volume analysis, relative strength, and price analysis -opportunities to profit, especially during conditions like we face today.

• Patterns like cups, cups with handles, ascending bases, consolidations, and double bottoms are the start of charting and are all built inside Pattern Finder. But there’s so much more.

• Then there’s trends — support, resistance, congestion, and pivot points — now easy to identify, and understand (finally).

• Screening — sure, but how and why do you screen? Answers. Check out the second of two quick videos:

• This is the real McCoy; built with one purpose: help make your trading more profitable. 

• And while you’re at it, join a community of traders each looking for the an edge — each sharing, teaching, and learning.

Who We Are

Capital Market Laboratories is one of the most sought-after research firms in finance by clients and public company executives. 

Our research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and other multi billion dollar institutions as members of both the famed Factset and Refinitiv consensus.

We have been cited in the most highly regarded media outlets like Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Barron’s, and many more.

It is our privilege to provide the same technology and research our institutional clients receive to tens of thousands of retail investors at a fraction of the price.

With Pattern Finder, you’re not alone.

This isn’t just a one and done research service.

Pre-built Screens

Whether you’re looking for stocks breaking out, unusual buying or selling volume, or for a list of companies with strong fundamentals and relative strength, we’ve got you covered; instantly.

Weekly Content

We publish charting and screening articles, some with videos, to discuss company and market trends.

CML Community

Investing is hard. CML’s community platform is a compassionate space to learn and share with other investors and traders and gives you continuous access to the CML team.

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Already bought it! This product is fantastic! Better than advertised. Unbelievable value!

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Love it so far. Thank you for making this available. Absolutely wonderful!


I love this damn product.


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